21 June 2009

Grilled sea bream w/ new potatoes and lettuce salad


foodtease said...

The fish looks amazing! I am so jealous -- we would LOVE access to some decent seafood... sigh. Love your blog, definitely going to keep checking it.

[Cassandra] said...

It's not that easy for us either, but salmon here in the UK is everywhere and usually of very good quality. I have never eaten so much salmon in my life like now. On the other hand, there are some fishes I don't get much access to anymore like Portuguese mackerel (the one we get here is ok but not excellent and not that fresh). I was really spoiled since I met my hubbie... you see, my father in law is a fisherman and I miss eating the fresh fish he used to get us. :D

I haven´t had much time lately to post the recipes, only the pics, but will try to start doing it again.